The Truth Exposed on Warrior Trading

20 May

My Warrior Trading Review includes an in-depth analysis of the trading room offered by Ross Cameron.  I have been a member of Warrior Trading since December 2014.  I have not yet taken the Day Trade Course offered by Ross.  My initial impress of the Warrior Trading community, at that time Day Trade Warrior, was that the community is small but close-knit with a dedicated leader guiding them through the ups and downs of the market each day.  The more I became involved with Warrior Trading the more I realized that this is a community of dedicated students and teachers with a passion for the Stock Market.  Learning to Trade Stocks is one of the most difficult skills I’ve tried to learn, and without the guidance of Warrior Trading, I am sure I would have failed.  Instead, I’m happy to report that I am profitable as a result of the day trading strategies I learned from Ross.

The Best Day Trading Chat Room

When I first joined Warrior Trading I started a two week free trial that was offered in December and then began paying as a monthly member.  Ross runs the chat room in a very organized fashion.  The chat room is hosted by omNovia Technologies, an interactive webinar screenshare/audio video conference room provider based out of Houston, Texas.  Most of the professional rooms I’ve tried use this same software.  Upon joining and seeing Ross using omNovia I felt at home with the platform and had an instant sense of credibility because I know this isn’t a cheap or unreliable conference room.

Every morning Ross opens the chat room at 8:30-9am, and is live on screen share and audio/video at 9am to begin his pre-market analysis.  The pre-market analysis consists of Ross reviewing the economic calendar and market events for the day, but primarily reviewing the stocks that are gapping up pre-market on heavy volume.  I learned quickly that Ross only trades a few stocks each day.  He says the only stocks worth trading are stocks with heavy volume due to a catalyst like breaking news or earnings.

The more I watched Ross trade these types of stocks the more I realized that these really are the best stocks to trade each day.  They are more predictable and much more profitable than trying to trade off of a generic watch list of your top 20 favorite companies.  I learned that the reason the hottest stocks each day trade more predictably is simply because more traders are actively trading them.  The setups that look like a bull flag breakout end up resolving because thousands of retail traders buy up the shares early on during the formation of the pattern.  It often ends up being a self-fulfilling prophecy when you see a flag form on one of the hot stocks.

Day Trading Strategies

When I first joined Warrior Trading what I really needed were complete strategies.  I had traded in other rooms before but I never had a strategy.  I don’t think I fully realized how many aspects of a trading strategy I was missing until Ross began explaining his Gap and Go and Momentum Day Trading Strategies.  I reached out to Ross and he offered to give me his personal phone number and chat on the phone.  We talked about my trading strategies, or lack thereof, and he gave me the foundation of a strategy to begin paper trading.  This strategy was based on trading the hot stocks on the first pull back only.  This is a strategy I now use every day in conjunction with other strategies I’ve learned.

The Truth is Exposed

Ross and the team at Warrior Trading run one of the Best Day Trading Chat Rooms I’ve ever been in.  I am impressed every single day when I’m in the room and hear the market commentary, the technical analysis, and the real-time trade alerts.  Ross has been a big advocate of teaching trading versus feeding traders alerts to blindly follow.  I really appreciate his wisdom and support.  He has helped me develop my own strategy that I now feel will be the backbone to my future as a trader.  I’m making a living trading thanks to these guys.  I couldn’t be more grateful.  In addition to the trading and the teaching the Warrior Team is the producer of financial news at Warrior Trading News.  I’ll be excited to see the accomplishments of the Warrior Trading Team.  They are an impressive group of individuals.

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