Some money saving tips for everyday life

14 Apr

A lot of people nowadays admit they are experiencing financial difficulties and without any doubt economy needs time to improve and rather a long time, I would say, before former glory comes back. Many people are now seeking for saving opportunities to keep afloat while the time is tough and some of them take advantage of wage day advance service from SterlingStore. Fortunately there are some ways to do it effectively.


About a quarter of food prepared for Thanksgiving alone is thrown away, just try to guess how much is wasted in a year. If you plan your meals carefully, you can make a list of the products you need only and it will prevent you from buying food which is likely to be thrown away. One more thing you can do is to compare prices in the stores around and figure out the one offering best value for money. You can also start eating from smaller plates, which will not only benefit to your shape, but will help you cut back eating less. Refusing from well-known brands in favor of their alternatives will also mean fewer expenses.

Clever Shopping

It’s not only the store you shop in that may help you save money, but the way you do it also matters. Some things can be bought on sale and kept for later on when you need them. You can save a lot shopping in the grocery store at night as fresh ingredients are often discounted to be sold faster.

Vouchers, coupons and discounts can also help your money go further.


You can reduce your food costs setting a fruit or vegetable garden of your own, but there are some more ways to do it. You may get chickens for fresh eggs, eat at work some kind of lunch brought from home, it will help you avoid cafes and fast food. The same approach can be used for entertainment, instead of going to the movie you can just stay at home and enjoy a film on DVD, jogging in the park will save you the price of gym membership.

Saying ‘No’

Nowadays we are often being sold a lot of things we do not really need. Learn to say “No” to the so-called deals and special offers you are being proposed and it will help you to save a certain amount and avoid stress of unexpected extra charges. In most cases you can claim back what you’ve been charged. A good example is Payment Protection Insurance; it’s usually added when you borrow money without notifying you. Such ‘extras’ are best to avoid simply learning to refuse an offer politely.

Get a Price Cut

Contacting your phone, internet or cable provider saying you have a more attractive offer from its competitor can result in reduced price offer to you. Most providers are interested in getting at least something, but not losing a customer at all.

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