Served With Summons From Collection Agency For Credit Card Debt Reply It!

4 Nov

They’ve got literally hundreds of thousands of defaulted credit card accounts in their possession.

You to them are just a quantity.

They will not care what they do or how they do it they just want to make 1000’s of dollars off of the pennies they paid on your account. This includes tons of FDCPA Violations against them.

You get an lawyer they may go away. You are unable to afford an lawyer they are hungry for that Default Judgment.

So what do they do?

Some send you threatening letters which some men and women make a decision to dismiss … some folks don’t dismiss those letters and send Financial debt Validation Letters to the Junk Financial debt Buyer.

How does the Junk Debt Purchaser reply?

Most like to solution your Financial debt Validation letter with a Summons and Complaint.

Yes, you need to constantly send a Debt Validation Letter. And you must constantly send it Accredited Mail with Return Receipt. Why? This is your proof that you sent it and if they never respond to it they are in Violation of the FDCPA and you can countersue them for $one thousand.

Below is only my previous experiences:

I took each single letter that I was receiving from Collection Companies and JDB’s and threw them out.

I then learned that you should send a Financial debt Validation Letter. I did this twice and both occasions I Received A REPLY from them which was a SUMMONS.

It can be practically as if they stated Excellent! He or She lives there, he or she answered, now we can sue him or her!

Legally, they are suppose to respond to my Financial debt Validation Letter. Most, yet again DO NOT as a substitute they sue you. Hoping you have no clue about the FDCPA and Countersuits.

What a JDB thinks is this for instance:

You owed $1400 on a Credit score Card and Defaulted. They bought it for $twelve.00. YEP $12 measily BUCKS!

They find out the place you reside, get a response, sue you or get no response and sue you anyways. Most of them will sue you if they know you have a job or assets (property) in your county.

They fundamentally scrub you out to see if your really worth the cash to file the suit towards so they can acquire.

So now they bought this debt for $twelve.00 and are suing you for the $1400 plus interest of let us say $2500 plus late expenses, lawyer fees And so on.. now they’ve racked up a huge body fat bill of about what? $5,000.00 PLUS?

They throw all this onto a summons and claim you owe them all this money. 95% never have any proof.

They then hope that you are frightened and never present up for court and they get a Default Judgment towards you.

Their lawsuit is a basic scare tactic. Hoping you just will not reply your summons and win that Default and come immediately after you.

If you did not answer the Summons..Well now…YOU LOST!!!

With the Default Judgment in hand you now owe them $5,000.00 and they can legally collect it.

They will send Interrogatories around to the banks in your area until that one particular financial institution send it back saying YES John Doe does have an account here.

Next issue you know your financial institution account is frozen.

The Sheriff is at the door with a Court Purchase for a Garnishment Listening to. Or a Garnishment Hearing appears in your Mailbox which you DO HAVE to display up for.

So, now these guys received your bank account frozen for the $5k you owe them plus they’ll consider a chunk of your weekly spend verify.

They DO NOT CARE. They just manufactured a great $4,888.00 Revenue off of your stupidity of not answering that summons.

Now, I have expressed this over and over yet again I DID NOT know what I was doing both. Was I scared? Completely. But I have figured out so significantly about JDB’s and Collection Agencies that I’m not frightened any far more.

As I mentioned over we are all just a variety to these organizations.

When you Reply Your Court Summons you TICK THEM OFF.

Now you have blocked them from that Default Judgment. That is, only if you DENIED each single count towards you on the Complaint.

If you admit to any of the Counts on the Complaint what they will do next is file a Summary Judgment and almost certainly win it. Simply because, you admitted you owed them income or it can be your account. Irrespective you admitted it can be your debt and they will win it.

You have to be pondering when you get the summons…did you ever acquire anything in the mail from the Junk Financial debt Buyer displaying you that they legally now personal this default account? That is called the Assignment.

Nicely, these guys will claim that they sent you a copy of that Assignment when they bought the account off of no matter what bank.

You want to feel, is this it? Just a few paragraphs and you want me to pay you $5000.00 because you say so?

In which is the proof of Assignment? Meaning present me that you have the proper to collect this financial debt. So that is what they imply by Actual Celebration in Interest. That the Plaintiff listed on your Complaint has the Authorized Rights to sue you. That is verified by exhibiting you and the court a copy of the Assignment they obtained from the Authentic Creditor.

Now, was that attached to the Complaint? Does your Local Court Principles say that it wants to be attached to the Complaint?

How about the Contract? Was that connected to the complaint? Do your neighborhood court principles say it needs to be?

Would you think some man named Joe who came knocking on your door and said hey buddy you owe me $5000.00. Would you shell out him just simply because he explained so?

Same factor with these Credit Card Lawsuits. The proof is on the Plaintiff. You say I owe you $5000.00 properly buddy I’m going to MAKE YOU Show IT.

They will mess up someplace in right here some how, if they have not accomplished so presently.

For instance in Indiana if I received sued by a Credit Card business and they did not have the Contract and Assignment connected to the Complaint I would file a Movement to Dismiss and win. I would only get it dismissed with no prejudice and they would be allowed twenty-30 days to amend the complaint. What that means is they can re-file the exact same lawsuit and attach the contract and assignment and it is a go.

If they don’t comply within the time allowed, I would then file a Movement to Dismiss with Prejudice because they had been given time to Amend and failed to do so. And I’d win.

NOW does your court allow you to File a Motion to Dismiss in lieu of an solution? Which means, you located all types of things wrong, factors that they did that did not comply with your Court Policies?

That is the place you begin.

Response your SUMMONS plain and straightforward. Ignoring the Summons will price you a great deal much more than the income you owe them. It can ruin your existence, freeze your accounts and garnish your wages.

Ask on your own this: Is it actually well worth not Answering it?

If you can not afford a Lawyer and require help Answering Your Summons go to my website: for help!

2 Responses to “Served With Summons From Collection Agency For Credit Card Debt Reply It!”

  1. Kirsten April 4, 2013 at 12:01 pm #

    This agency just offered me papers.

    I spoken for them previously plus they stated they dont purchase the debt, but they agreement for the hospitals as enthusiasts…. i have no idea if that’s true, becuase the first is from the hospital from condition. I dont mind having to pay however i

    cant pay all of the costs they added on. And one of these…I dont even recall.

    My real question is…what type of proof do they have to have of those hospital bills.

    it has been recommended in my experience which i fight them onto it, since i must answer the summons anyway, after which require these to prove which i owe the debts.Nevertheless, I just read somewhere that proof for hospital bills was not hard, and didn’t need a sigiture of mine in the past on the form….because hospital bills happen weather the individual signs or otherwise…some thing along individuals lines….

    And So I am wondering if it’s worthwhile to fight them, and when they need to show better proof then your billing statement copies they sent us a while back.

    I’m in Or incidentally.

  2. Kandis April 28, 2013 at 11:07 am #

    i acquired offered summons papers from two different charge card companies (law practice debt collectors in my charge cards) which are taking me to the court since i am not able to pay for your debt owed.

    * i’ve no job and haven’t for any very long time

    * i’ve no apartment or house (i’m coping with my sister for the time being)

    * i’ve no vehicle

    * i’ve no assets

    * i’ve no current banking account

    how do i convince these places that i’m judgement proof and encourage them to Require me to the court?

    i can not borrow anything from anybody that helped me to with this particular debt. i am unable to purchase anything myself, i’m beyond broke.

    i sent them letters explaining my situation… however i have no idea.

    i can not apply for personal bankruptcy since i don’t have any money and should not pay the 1,000 retainer fee or lawyer costs.

    my home is michigan in the event that helps..

    must i visit court? the way i understand once the court date is? ugh.


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