Financial Trouble? Payday Loan Leads Help You

8 Apr

Financial Trouble

Today payday loan is a lifebuoy for those who want to get instant money. The number of individuals who take out payday loans are very high, approximately twelve millions Americans annually. Lender charge an interest rate and demand the borrower to repay with his next paycheck. Some lenders require borrowers to write postdated checks to protect the loan and take out the money from the borrower’s bank account on the next payday. Lead generating companies offer services in creating payday loan leads for insurance agents.

Payday loan leads are needed for the agents who want to find clients to offer them a payday loan.

A lot of companies have launched websites for matching qualified borrowers to an appropriate lender.

For example, offers payday loan leads through their web-site provided by a lot of services:

  • Real time delivery to your database
  • Optimized website templates which ensure maximum marketing performance
  • 3rd generation lead platform maximizes lead conversation in real-time
  • Expert account managers and portfolio consultants assigned to every account
  • Access to live reporting and analytics anytime, anywhere

There are a lot of services which make the buying payday loan leads easier. And it saves some time for agents.

There are a lot of quite proven companies which have already made a good reputation and companies which are just getting popular. So you have to choose the best one and work with.

Lead generation companies offer different types of payday loan leads. When you choose company to work with find out the types of leads they offer.

The most popular types of payday loan leads:

  • Real Time Payday Loan Leads. These leads are fresh and consist of persons who have recently asked for a payday loan. It is said that payday loan leads are the best leads because they are group of clients who are willing to make a call.
  • Exclusive payday loan leads. There are leads where some companies have exclusive rights for a concrete period of time. Generally these leads are available for 30 days. After this period of time companies sell these leads as semi-exclusive.
  • Aged payday loan leads. Some lead generation companies can mix aged with semi-exclusive leads. Aged payday loan leads are over 3 years old is considerable ancient. That is why those leads are absolutely unpopular.
  • Non-exclusive payday loan leads. They are almost the same as real time leads but are provided on daily basis. It is proven these leads are effective. Most non-exclusive leads are very cheap. Their price is less than half of the price of exclusive leads.

Be care! A lot of companies sell non-exclusive leads instead of exclusive ones. Non-exclusive leads can help you to save some money.

In fact, mix of the different types of payday loan leads is the best option. Some companies offer just real time exclusive lead. Only few ones take risks to work with aged or non-exclusive leads to save money.

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